10 Ways to Lose Weight without Any Equipment

Gyms and other fitness centres have become a rage these days. But it is still possible to lose weight without heading to the gym and without using heavy equipments. Here we suggest you some of the best exercises which you can do to get back in shape easily.


1. Cycling


Well, it’s not a typical home exercise. But yes, you can do it and see results without any heavy equipment. People who love cycling will love this exercise. In order to burn more calories, try cycling in the upward slope. This way you will be using more energy and toning your thighs and overall body.

2. Skipping

Another must-try exercise! This is more like a game than an exercise. And, did you know you can burn more than 750 calories in an hour by skipping? Great, right?

3. Aerobics

Such a fun and easy exercise to be done at home. And if you do it in a group then this is going to be a great calorie burning activity. You can join an aerobics centre or do it at home with the help of online videos.

4. Swimming


Such a fab exercise not only for your body but also for your immunity. It strengthens your core and chest muscles and tones your hands and legs beautifully. You can attribute swimming to some of the most gorgeous bodies in Bollywood.

5. Dancing

Dancing is such a fun and stress-burning exercise. Just play your favorite music, keep its volume in full and start dancing. When you dance at a full swing, not only you lose weight but also make your mind more active.

6. Climbing Stairs

This is such an easy exercise that you will not even realise that you are exercising. If you live on the top floor then ditch the elevator.. Just with a bit of caution and variation, you can lose tons of weight with this. Try to climb stairs fast and stress more on climbing than getting down. Try to climb at least 100 stairs a day.

7. Walking

Walking is such a good stress-busting exercise. If you do it in the morning then it will help you fill your lungs with fresh oxygen. Walk briskly everyday at your nearby park every morning or evening and see amazing results.

8. Jogging

Another fab exercise which you can do very easily. This is not typically running. This is only running at a slower and comfortable pace. This will benefit your entire body.

9. Squats


This is such a simple exercise that people tend to ignore it. In this, you simply need to sit completely and then stand up. Tummy, thighs and legs and even your core – everything gets engaged when you do squats properly.

10. Leg Circles

You can easily do this while lying on your bed. Every morning when your eyes are hardly open try to lift up a leg and do leg circles. Repeat with the other leg too. This will help tone your legs and give them a sculpted look.

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